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Brief History Of Tonk Rajput

In olden days some thousand year back our ancestors use to live in Jaipur state of present Rajasthan, INDIA. The Maharaja of Jaipur was attacked some how the Maharaja was loosing the battle. In his Darbar he called the known warriors of the state and told them that, whosoever can save the state should come out. He will be given the area of Tonk (at that time a village of Jaipur) and will be married to my daughter.

All the warriors remained silent and could not think of facing the onslaught. The Raja again repeated the challenge and two brothers who were there came forward. They offered their services and asked for full control of the army along-with other facilities. The Maharaja granted their wish and from the next day they had the control of the army.

Both of them, chalked out the strategy and attacked the rival army and defeated them.

Both of them were married to the daughters of the Maharaja and the area of TONK was also given to both of them. They started organizing the new state.

That family of RAJPUTS was called TONK RAJPUTS. They expanded the state to larger limits and controlled it for many generations. At last, state was attacked again by Aurangzeb's army and they were defeated. This resulted in the migration of Hindu Rajputs. Some weak hearted Rajputs converted to Mohammedanism. Hindu Rajputs migrated to West Punjab, to Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Most of them settled in West Punjab (Now Pakistan) and by 1947 they then again migrated to DELHI, PUNJAB, UTTAR PRADESH etc. Now most of them are found in these states and rest have scattered to other parts of INDIA.